The City Mix Symposium

Maccreanor Lavington have been working with the GLA, researching how best to deliver intensification in town centres and high street balanced by the diversity needed in order to foster a real sense of community. Part of the research focused on mixed-use buildings, and the perception that the ground-floors of many schemes where long-term vacant and underused, leading some to question the validity of seeking developers to build such space. During our research, we realised that the perception is often incorrect; there is actually less of this underused space available, creating an unfilled demand.

With this symposium, we plan on questioning the urbanity that the mixed city casts out: what is the cultural, economic and social value of these spaces, what should they contain, and what how are they best used? Together with the artist David Cotterrell, we have assembled a panel of planners, developers and fellow consultants in order to interrogate the notion of The City Mix; what it means and exactly how mixed should it be.

Chaired by Kevin Logan and David Cotterrell, speakers include:

Jane Clossick and Mark Brearley, The Cass at London Metropolitan University

Duncan Smith, ACAVA

Ian Dubber, Workspace Group

Biljana Savic, The Academy of Urbanism