Urban design
Program: 3.2ha; renovation of 166 historical single family houses, 76 new single family houses and apartments, 750m˛ commercial space, 270m˛ information centre
Client: R-Gen
Phase: start design 2006

Whitefield lies within a conservation area, considered unique by English Heritage in that its urban fabric remains largely intact. Currently the existing housing stock is predominantly two bedroom terraced dwellings. The proposal struck a fine balance between maintaining heritage whilst transforming the dominant form, terrace. The existing housing is wherever possible retained, whilst redeveloped into a diverse range of housing typologies, which are economically and socially sustainable.

To create a neighbourhood that is responsive to modern lifestyles a public realm spine is created. This spine offers relief from the dense urban form, whilst providing formal, green, and children’s play spaces. Renewables have been proposed from the outset. A range of strategies and technologies to generate energy on site, including biomass CHP, solar hot water, photovoltaics, and wind turbines are utilised, aiming to achieve a zero carbon neighbourhood. The overarching aim is the creation of a sustainable, desirable, vibrant, mixed-use community that will be still standing, and operational, in 100 years time
- Future proofing Whitefield.