Program: 279 homes - 133 houses and 146 apartments
Client: Barratt West London
Phase: start design

The regeneration of the Stonegrove and Spur Road Estate aims to create an attractive, vibrant and sustainable new neighbourhood at Stonegrove through a collaborative open process which fully engages with existing residents, the local community and the council. The result will be a series of linked, mix tenure areas with a range of different household sizes, attractive to existing and new residents alike within a safe, well defined and well-designed public realm.

In total there are 133 houses, 146 apartments and over 1700m2 of public amenity space is proposed. The bulk of the amenity space is provided in the central east/west orientated green space to the centre of the proposals. This high quality landscaped ‘pocket park’ provides seating areas and informal play space as part of the overall play strategy. The two smaller additional spaces relate to large retained trees located to the southern edge of the site. These areas provide some small amounts of seating and are designed to provide a generous setting for the mature trees they contain and tie into the overall landscaping strategy for the site.