Program: Housing, retail, community
Client: Barratt Homes
Phase: start design

The mixed-use quarter will containing flexible workspaces that could accommodate up to 24 small businesses with employment opportunities for around 300 people, shops, cafes and restaurants, two major new public spaces, and 336 new affordable and market homes provided on a tenure blind basis.

A 27-storey tower is proposed at the start of Blackfriars Road. The slender tower has a hexagonal plan to reduce its visual impact from all angles. The top has been sensitively detailed with an expressive crown of thinning pinnacles formed in white glazed brickwork and adds a distinctive identity to the London skyline. The remaining four blocks vary between five and seven storeys.

Five buildings, distinctly different but part of a family, are proposed. Each block has its distinct facade character, enriched through its detailing. Dark, smooth brickwork is used to express the lower base as a typically urban, robust and distinguished plinth. In contrast, white glazed brickwork lightens and defines the upper section of the two-storey plinth.

In 2006, Witherford Watson Mann Architects and Outerspace developed the ‘Bankside Urban Forest; a framework for the incremental re-imagination and creation of new public spaces within Bankside, Southwark. Many architects, artists, landscape designers, local groups and institutions have made a series of projects and of which, 128-150 Blackfriars Road is the first to be delivered entirely by the private sector.