Client: LB Camden
Phase: under construction

Planning permission has been granted for a new stand-alone science classroom building for Kingsgate Primary School, Camden. Located on the existing school site in a previously disused part of the grounds, the new classroom will provide space for delivering practical science lessons and will be open and flexible; a large amount of glazing is proposed to the northern corner which will be openable, linking with the outdoor teaching area. This outside space will act as an extension of the classroom to enhance the teaching of scientific and environmental topics.

Maccreanor Lavington has been working with the school since 2014 on expansion plans which will see the nursery and infants move to a new site at Liddell Road to allow for school expansion to take place, funded by the innovative Camden Community Investment Programme.

The science building represents the first phase of the existing site becoming a Key Stage Two facility providing staff, pupils and the wider community with a new bespoke and exemplar teaching and learning science space.