Program: 68 apartments, 60 single family houses
Client: Bouwfonds Woningbouw
Phase: completed, 2001

The first phase of this project tackled the problem of how to complete an urban plan, which was designed in another era, while finding solutions that respond to present discussions over urban places, the making of streets and the clarity between public, semi-public/private and private space.

This is a plan of contradictions: it had to address the ambitions of the city in developing the next phases on the waterfront, announcing both change and newness in depressed surroundings, lifting expectations off what was to come, and it had to meet the expectations of the local residents who wanted to retain their close community.

The validly of completing the previous urban plan provoked discussions over the limitations and the opportunities to respond to a context of distinct scales within the city: the large scale of the river and the harbour and the smaller scale of the local neighbourhood. This scale jump is not only physical, in value terms it moves from the inexpensive maisonettes to the expensive town houses on the river/harbour side.