Program: Main stage 750 seats, small stage met 250 flexible seats
Client: Danish Minister of culture
Phase: competition, 2002

The basic idea of meeting is the continuous and reverse meeting between seeing and being seen. This idea is at the very heart of our theatre design and its surroundings.

In this sense, the idea of meeting includes the interaction between the theatre and the city. In every age urban spaces, streets and squares have served to stage spectacles in which the citizens participate as players and audience, at the same time. The city fosters art; it builds, creates and conceives theatre, but at the same time is theatre itself. The movements of theatre visitors, an urban rhythm of coming and going at certain hours should fuse with other city and neighbourhood rhythms. This urgency for vitality translates into a theatre that is compact and is situated at the start of the harbour pier to form a new square. The foyer can be opened up to the square, both spaces fusing as one, a decadent display of public interaction on a warm summerís evening or as a stage for the performance of opera or a rock concert.

The theatre and the square become the very centre of the existing and new cultural infrastructure. Consequently, the rest of the pier is offered as desirable urban space for high quality waterfront living and working. This additional, mixed use program consisting of houses, offices and apartments will bring the city to the theatre and - vice versa - place the theatre in the middle of vibrant city life at the heart of a new river orientated neighbourhood.

This simultaneous awareness of the city-as-the-stage and the theatre-being-a-stage-within-a-stage offers a great potential for a new theatre and a new cultural neighbourhood to melt into the greater experience of an already buoyant city.