Programma: Mixed-use development; housing, retail, community
Opdrachtgever: Notting Hill Housing, United House and Galliford Try
Fase: start ontwerp

Gallions Quarter comprises four individual sites: Gallions 1A, Gallions 2A, Gallions 2B and Armada South, totalling approximately 3.41ha. The sites form part of London’s docklands legacy, and were previously occupied by a variety of industrial and dock-related uses.

The proposal for the site will see the creation of a new community, comprising of approximately 700 new homes. Together with integrated new commercial and social infrastructure, this new community will have the opportunity to enhance the existing community in and around East Beckton and North Woolwhich including the University of East London.

The whole of Gallions Quarter sits within a ‘flood zone 3’ and is protected by a flood defence wall along the river edge. Flood risk has a great impact on potential ground floor uses, especially vulnerable use classes such as bedrooms and community uses.