Opdrachtgever: Pocket Living
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Varcoe Road is a scheme comprising 57 affordable Pocket units.

The units are developed following Pocket standards to create compact affordable homes offering high quality living accommodation accessible to first time buyers. Of the 57 units, 50 are a standard Pocket unit type of 6.2m x 6.2m. This provides not only an efficient and compact design, but also allows for volume prefabrication methods to be adopted.

In addition, the proposal provides 227.5sqm of B1 commercial space at ground floor to present active frontage to Varcoe Road.

The scheme has been developed with careful consideration of the surrounding context, and emphasis has been put on providing a variety of high quality internal and external amenity spaces; all with a differing range of scales, orientations and degrees of intimacy and shelter. The proposal currently provides 395.8sqm of communal amenity space, 329.1sqm external and 66.7sqm internal/wintergarden space.

The scheme has been designed to provide generous circulation spaces which bring light and air deep into the plan. A robust materiality, generosity of fenestration and restrained articulation ensure that the building has a subtle character which references the surrounding industrial warehouses.