Can primary schools adapt to a post-lockdown world?


Can primary schools adapt to a post-lockdown world?

We talk with the Architects Journal and other education specialists about practical solutions.

Together with dRMM we examine design considerations and long-term ideas for school design:

  • More outdoor learning through external classrooms – greater consideration of the principles of forest schools, particularly for younger children.
  • Increase physical exercise so that children are healthier. Promote exercise outside rather than in internal space.
  • ‘A school without doors’ – minimise the number of doors while all corridor doors should hold open to minimise wear and tear, and avoid unnecessary touching of handles.
  • Lockers should be distributed throughout the school, or could be external.
  • Design out toilet areas doors to minimise touching of handles and to minimise bullying.
  • Improve ventilation. Increase air flow through passive ventilation.
  • Learn from the hospital sector in selecting materials and surfaces that are easier to clean and don’t support bacteria and viruses.
  • Increase numbers of maintenance and cleaning staff to ensure that surfaces are cleaned constantly.

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Nursery, reception and Y1 at Kingsgate Infant School benefit from covered outdoor play spaces both at ground and first floor level as a valuable learning environment for pupils