Hoping to inspire a new and diverse generation of architects


Eleven of our team will begin mentoring aspiring architectural students and hoping to inspire them on their career paths in the industry.

The volunteering venture is part of Blueprint For All’s flagship ‘Building Futures Programme’, which provides a model for how we can support young people, especially those from disadvantaged communities, on their journey to qualify in different subjects and for different professions.

Blueprint for All is the new name for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. The underpinning principles of the charity, founded in memory of Stephen Lawrence, remain the same and have never been more relevant to help set the foundations for a more inclusive society to grow. Six of our team will be paired with Blueprint students to support and help steer them towards a future career in architecture. Their mentoring work began during Black History Month.

Another four of the team will be teaming up with Accelerate, an initiative established by Open City, which is a pioneering design, education, and mentoring programme providing access to a wider pool of young people and increasing diversity in the built environment and prevent bias in who shapes the cites we live in.

We look forward to hearing more about how our mentors did and continuing to play our part in helping young people forge a career in the architectural industry.


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