We acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Week


Everyone’s mental health has been tested over the last year and a half and this has highlighted the importance of recognising our own wellbeing and that of our colleagues.

Mental Health Awareness Week from May 10th to 16th encourages us to pay attention to our minds and this year takes the theme nature and the environment.

Our team has been discovering what difficulties they faced during the pandemic; how they were affected and how they helped resolve concerns.

We look at furlough and the affects it had, being a newcomer in a virtual workplace, how we kept routine with nature and the importance of checking in on our colleagues.


Newcomer in the workplace: What’s it like joining a company in the midst of a lockdown?

“One of the difficult aspects of working from home is being able to connect and get to know people.”

“Our daily morning catch ups and starting the day with casual chats with my team helped. They made me feel connected and supported.”

“Twice-a-week stretching sessions has been wonderful, keeping people cheerful and connected too.”

“The positive side is that the pressure of being a new person in the office has been removed!”


Coping with furlough

“At first it led to lots of emotions and worry as furlough was something completely new. Mentally it was a taxing time but checking in with colleagues, still feeling part of the practice with regular tea times and updates really helped.”


Keeping our minds busy: Finding a routine

We kept our bodies busy and minds healthy with routine like our Race to Rotterdam, where we clocked up kilometres via various ways of exercise, we enjoyed the sights together, sharing our favourite images of the day on group chats.

“Our wanderings gave both a routine to the start of the digital day and an opportunity to keep in touch with others beyond the work conversations. This combined with benefits of daily walking have given me both physical and mental well-being during the restrictions.”

Jane our New Business Manager spent every morning walking the streets of North London before settling down to the laptop, being out with nature.

“Now a firm fixture of my daily routine, I really do value my hour of  ‘fake commuting’ around North London – to the top of Primrose Hill or along the side of the Regents Canal, to the Heath or just around my local neighbourhood.

As life unlocks, it is great to see the city come back to life and I am grateful for the opportunity to witness its re-emergence as I pound the pavements.”


Our environment in the studio

As we begin to think about getting back to some normality what lockdown has taught us is the power of the environments that we surround ourselves with.

As we step into our new studio we will hopefully realise the importance of stepping out at lunchtimes, engaging with nature whilst at work and the joy of Blu, our ML studio dog.


We have a number of accredited Mental Health First Aiders

Blu our London studio dog