Inspiration from Italy


This year we joined the Rotterdam studio for the annual Maccreanor Lavington Study Tour in Italy’s home of design and architecture, Milan.

Sited as an inspiring metropolis for architecture and a favourite of our studio, we were fortunate enough to spend three days wandering over 35,000 steps exploring the extraordinary densely populated city and its rich and assorted buildings.

Highlights include; exploring the historical residence Case Museo Boschi di Stafano with its wonderful works of 20th century Italian art and charismatic interiors; Casa in via Vigoni; Torre Turati; Case ai giardini d’Ercole and the diverse mix of urban buildings we encountered; our exceptional tour guide Alessandro Isastia, editor of Case Milanese;  Tomasso’s family restaurant Bebel where the courses kept on coming; Portofiori an enclave to all things floral; Necchi Campiglio Villa from Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi.


What we like

Case Milanese. 1923-1973. Cinquant’anni di architettura residenziale a Milano. Ediz. italiana e inglese. Orsina Simona Pierini, Alessandro Isastia.

Entryways of Milan. Ingressi di Milano.