Understanding our world needs more care


We are taking steps to help understand how our work can address sustainable issues. We know that this is not a solution that can merely be ‘fixed’ overnight but realise that we all have a huge responsibility to designing greener.

We have attended Architects Declare improving on our internal knowledge on issues and we’re advocating the RIBA 2030 Challenge on building and materplanning to reduce in-use energy, embodied carbon and water use.

We have responded to the government’s Future Homes 2020 consultation and we are working to improve fabric performance requirements.

Internally we are measuring all of our projects with a target list and we have an ongoing net zero CPD programme to educate us all on how we can use these principles across our work.

We are conducting in-house embodied carbon modelling and research to both inform material choices on projects and to feed into other consultants work.

Both studios in London and Rotterdam are calculating our Carbon Footprint, consciously considering how we can reduce this.