About us

We are architects and urbanists based in London and Rotterdam. Founded in 1992, we have grown to be around 80 people, so big enough to tackle projects of any size yet small enough to remain a close knit, focused and friendly team.

Our team is made up of exceptionally talented and dedicated people. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon as well as a common passion, energy and enthusiasm for our subject.

We work at every scale from strategic to detail and view this as part of a singular process.  The decisions that we make within a masterplan are informed by a depth of architectural knowledge, individual buildings are made to play a role within their urban context.

We have considerable experience with many types of building: homes and housing of every kind; schools and community buildings; workspace; shops and evermore ambitious high-density-mixed-use-city-buildings.

Collaborating regularly with other practices and disciplines in many significant large-scale strategic projects: major city extensions, new sustainable neighbourhoods; and town centre regeneration.

We undertake research, produce design guidance and strategies that inform national and local government policy.

By approaching work through the lens of embedding social value we build a sense of agency and ownership with a place and the communities we work with.

We have earned a strong and trusted reputation with clients, peers and local authorities and our design work has been recognised with many awards including the RIBA Stirling Prize.