Canada Water Masterplan

An ambitious masterplan creating a new vision for the gateway into Canada Water.

Covering 53 acres, Canada Water is one of the largest mixed use regeneration projects in London.

The future urban context to the east and south of the site was unknown at the time of the 2012 planning application. The redesigned masterplan responds to this new context, transforming access to Canada Water and tying in with British Land’s proposals.

Combined, this site and the Canada Water Masterplan will deliver a dynamic new place that has the potential to become one of London’s most progressive work hubs and  exciting community.

Our new proposal will unlock this potential with several key strategies. The first is creating a new front door into Canada Water with a new exit from the Underground Station. Secondly, connectivity will be transformed in Canada Water with a new strategic connection from the station through to the proposed Printworks District. A public realm framework of green, human scale, walkable, streets and squares lined with a diverse mixture of active town centre and community uses will be provided.

The overall strategy is to create a critical mass of employment and commercial uses to kick-start the transformation of Canada Water into a vibrant town centre, making flexible and sustainable buildings that allow for a myriad of uses that  have the ability to evolve and change over time. The scheme will deliver robust  architecture that creates a strong identity and a sense of place in Canada Water.