Edgware Evolution

Rethinking the estate typology to create attractive homes, shared green space and an inclusive neighbourhood for all.

Redefining a neighbourhood

The regeneration of the Stonegrove and Spur Road Estate in the London Borough of Barnet takes a transformational approach that redefines the old fashioned estate typology which as in this instance has suffered from an architecture and layout at odds with its surroundings, and become isolated from surrounding neighbourhoods. Designs have been influenced by the ‘Garden City’ movement of the late 1800’s, with dwellings set within a well-considered and well-proportioned streetscape. The result being a series of linked, mix tenure areas with a range of different household sizes, attractive to existing and new residents alike within a safe, well defined and well-designed public realm.

Repairing and reconnecting

A collaborative open approach involving existing residents, the local community and the council was taken to repair and reconnect the site into the local urban grain. It evolved as a safe well-designed public realm, a green ‘pocket park’ taking centre stage with 146 apartments, together with 147 terrace and courtyard houses forming legible tree-lined streets.

A new frontage to Stonegrove, a major route through this part of North London, has been created by designing a number of four-storey apartment buildings, all using the same family of striking London Stock brick but with sufficient variation in the design to create individuality.

Client: Barratt Homes
Size: 133 houses, 146 apartments, over
1700m2 of public amenity space
Location: London Borough of Barnet
Photography: Tim Crocker

Housing Design Award 2013, Community Consultation Award