Kings Park, Zoetermeer

The North and South blocks are the corner pieces of this new neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Zoetermeer. The mansion blocks in between and the terraced housing were designed by Marc Prosman architecten.

This corner condition suggests a sculptural massing that responds to specific spatial qualities: the vertically articulated nine storey southern block  emphasizes the ending of the long Olav Palme Laan, whereas the lower northern block draws its shape from an angular displacement in the street pattern. The stacked winter gardens, which are framed in white brickwork, further articulate the massing.

Integrated deck access

On the eastern side the buildings are faced by the high-speed rail that connects Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In order to mitigate the related noise issues, all single aspect units along this side are accessed via an external deck which is architecturally integrated in the built volume through the continuation of the brickwork frame.


Brickwork frames

The architecture is based on one simple brickwork detail; all facade openings have a surround in white brickwork with a reveal of one full brick. This gives the buildings a human scale and creates depth in the facades. At the same time, this detail unifies the various type of openings, gallery openings, window openings and wintergardens, into one consistent building skin.

Copyright: MLA+ Architecture

Client: Kieboom en Van Wezel, Ballast Nedam

Location: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Size: 93 apartments, 12.575 m² GIA (north and south blocks)

Collaborators: Matthijs de Boer (urban design), Marc Prosman architecten

Completion: 2024

Photography: Jeroen Musch