LBWF Character and Intensification Study

The intention of this character intensification study was to understand the best way to accommodate growth and intensification in an optimised way that responds to the current and developing character of the borough.

Assessing the site's immediate context: Understanding the typical urban forms associated with various Floor Area Ratios is key part of defining the opportunity

Accommodating intensification

Upon completion it will form part of the evidence base to inform review of the borough’s existing Urban Design SPD adopted in 2010 and support the emerging new Waltham Forest Local Plan covering the planning period 2018-2033. The scope of the study is being delivered in three stages.

This report presents the outcomes of Stage 1 and 2. It presents a baseline analysis of changes in Borough character since the 2009 Characterisation Study alongside an appreciation of the emerging development context and opportunities for growth. It is a direction of travel for further work to be undertaken in stage 3.

Stage 3 will provide specific recommendations for the accommodation of future intensification. This will include options testing at identified locations to explore appropriate development typologies, density standards, tall building locations and policy recommendations.

Activation and uses
Enhanced massing

Client: LB Waltham Forest
Collaborators: Prior+Partners
Location: London Borough of Waltham Forest