St Ann’s Haringey

Working in collaboration, 6a architects and Maccreanor Lavington have investigated the nature of the redevelopment of the site of St. Ann’s hospital.

A Historically Significant Site

For centuries the site has been a location of care within the community of Haringey. Consolidation of the NHS facilities on the site creates an opportunity to develop housing and other facilities for local residents. The act of redevelopment is led by the St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART), an engaged Community Land Trust within Haringey. 6a architects and Maccreanor Lavington have investigated the nature of the redevelopment, and, crucially, how to knit new homes into the historically significant site and the surrounding context of Haringey.

A Unique Communal Ownership Model

The idea of communal ownership of St. Ann’s has been reflected in the masterplanning process, which has emphasised the importance of presenting and listening to local residents at public consultation events and designing in co-operation with StART, who themselves represent the local community.

From constraints and opportunities presented by StART’s brief and the existing site a vision emerges for a future residential redevelopment of the site retained in community ownership. With an emphasis on communal interests above private, this vision presents a design approach which diverges from much of what is currently being provided in London, with the intention to offer housing which reflects genuine need as opposed to market requirements. This principle has informed many design decisions, from the type and scale of housing provided, to the emphasis on shared green spaces and to the generous provision of community amenities.

Water Tower Square

Client: StART (St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust)
Collaborators: 6a Architects, PT Projects
Size: 7.1ha
Location: St Ann’s Haringey, London, England