St John’s Wood Park

Repairing the Streetscape

St John’s Wood Park is a typological precedent that could contribute to unlocking a range of street fronting infill sites in London.

The project occupies a former garage site in a residential area West of St John’s Wood Park, close to the Swiss Cottage Underground Station. We have developed an opportunity to engage with the strategic role of small sites in the residential intensification of highly consolidated inner London boroughs. Small sites which sit in boroughs such as Camden and have the potential to contribute significantly to delivering their targets for new housing.

The proposed form and character carefully considers the impact of the new building on the existing place and the role played on its transformation.

19th Century Mansion Block


This is a contemporary interpretation of the 19th Century mansion block, like those prevalent in the area, featuring traditional bay windows, large proportions, and decorative brick detailing. The six-storey block is setback from the pavement to allow for trees and landscaping in the foreground and the accommodation at the ground floor is raised to promote passive surveillance while providing adequate privacy to the residents.

The nine homes are dual aspect to enable bright living spaces and winter gardens towards the front with bedrooms placed at the rear. A few duplex homes at lower and upper levels are created to maximise access to private gardens and terraces for families.

Client: Almax Group Services Limited
Location: St John’s Wood, LB Camden
Size: Nine private sale apartments