Team Culture


We always enjoy the opportunity to come together outside of the studio, whether it’s talking, walking, learning, and socialising. These moments benefit the team and enable shared thoughts and often some of the best ideas.

We’re culturally connected to both our London and Rotterdam studios and the cities we work in, yet united as one team in our approach and inspirations for our personal growth. Our team enjoy working here because of their pride in the work they produce, the positive, friendly atmosphere within the studio and the structured opportunities for career development.

We venture out on regular study tours to ensure everyone is supported in their professional development and have an in-house mentoring programme which supports career development and talent to help the team feel supported and empowered to thrive professionally.

Team sports give us all a boost and a chance to engage with others socially. We recently put our softball skills to the test in London’s Regent’s Park and also took part in the annual Archicup football competition in Rotterdam, where we battled it out against other  architecture and design firms for the illustrious winners trophy. A great team effort to all.

London studio taking part in softball
Rotterdam team playing at the archicup annual football competition
London walking tour