Engaging with young students – Manchester Redbank masterplan


Our Urban Studio team are currently busy in Manchester preparing proposals for the Redbank Masterplan for our clients Far Eastern Consortium. We are delighted to be working in the city and getting to know the wider community. This week we have been working with the Manchester Communication Academy, conducting mock interviews with Year 11 pupils. Our mentors, Associate, Tom Waddicor and Urban Designer, Andreea Vasilcin were very impressed by those they met. Pupils’ abilities to be conversational and read social cues and body language – especially given the restrictions imposed on them over the last two years are testament to the coaching they have received on teamwork, leadership and communication.

Our team were particularly impressed by the more personal responses from pupils: what do employers look for: “Confidence and passion. You need to be passionate about what you do.” … “Kindness. You need to be kind to those you work with and work for”.  If our future holds a group of confident leaders who are kind and passionate then better days lie ahead for us all.  We are already looking forward to our next session in the city, this March we will be supporting the National Careers Week with a Market Place event showcasing our profession and speaking to pupils about potential pathways to qualification.

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Tom Waddicor
Andreea Vasilcin