Race to Rotterdam


We currently find ourselves stuck in a virtual world plugging into our remote desktops from our 50 satellite offices around the UK and beyond. As an Anglo-Dutch practice we are used to some degree of separation as we have one office in London and one in Rotterdam. Ordinarily, we enjoy coming together once a year on an office trip for both studios over a long weekend, dining together and jointly exploring cities and buildings. But this year, that too has been placed on hold.

So the London Studio has decided to do something together whilst we’re apart, that can bring us closer to our colleagues in the Netherlands. Racing in four categories – running, riding, rambling and relaying – we are currently logging our exercise each week to see how long it takes to cover the 281 miles (or 452km for our European colleagues) to get from  our new UK studio 63 Gee Street to Vijverhofstraat 47.

In the first week we racked up 888 miles of time away from our screens, enjoying some fresh air and reconnecting with each other.

It’s hard to know what 2021 will bring, but we hope when we get there, we are all a little healthier, a little more mentally nourished and a lot closer to our colleagues in Rotterdam.