Walthamstow Town Centre

Walthamstow Town Centre Masterplan provides a comprehensive approach to the regeneration of the area, maximising opportunities and benefits, whilst nurturing unique local assets – a burgeoning array of small independent businesses, Walthamstow Market and Town Square and Gardens.

Developed in conjunction with Gort Scott and Drivers Jonas Deloitte the masterplan defines key objectives to underpin future development in the town centre. This includes dismantling the gyratory, the creation of a public realm framework and the optimisation of bus movements and infrastructure in order to provide a more balanced and accessible environment for pedestrians and cyclists. The masterplan proposes that the town centre re-establishes its historic central urban park and offers a mechanism to ensure that decisions on new development are made with this strategic objective in mind.

An open public consultation took place in three popular locations accross the town center: the Town Square, the Central Library and Selborne Walk Mall.

Development catalyst

Five catalytic opportunity sites are identified and proposals made for their long term redevelopment through discussions on uses, heights and particularly how development engages with public spaces. These changes can occur independently, as funding and development opportunities arise, creating a masterplan that is a flexible framework, rather than a singular fixed vision. Through ‘acupuncture urbanism’ 24 simple interventions relating to various aspects of the town centre are proposed that can offer immediate short term results both economic and social. The iterative process involved full and valuable public and stakeholder consultation to ensure the proposals were understood and supported.

Client: London Borough of Waltham Forest
Collaborators: Gort Scott, Deloitte